It security, a base requirement to operate.

We rely on IT all day long. Cyber criminals are well aware of that and have turned the digital world into their primary source of revenue. Relentlessly disrupting operations and stealing data to fund their criminal activities, they cause many businesses to lose both money and clients.

I know cybersecurity can be scary, which is why I decided to develop a simple product to empower every business. Small steps can make a significant difference. Once you know what and how to do it, reducing your risk becomes easy.

My story with technology.

I have always had an interest in technology. As a child, I wanted to become an IT engineer. Studying industrial engineering, I delved into programming, which I really enjoyed. The satisfaction of finding the last bug in my code was proportional to the time required to find it.

With my industrial engineering degree, I started my journey in factories. I consistently leveraged technology to simplify processes and increase efficiency. During my first consulting assignment, I developed an ERP in Access and VBA. Later, I implemented a scale-based solution to automate tiring manual counting procedures in the pharmaceutical industry.

My working approach revolves around looking at the big picture, delving into details, and bringing opportunities to light. I then turn complex concepts into simple stories to engage everyone.

As an example, I created the first video training for 3000 insurance agents, as I recognized that a video format would make the new product easier to understand than just relying on words and pictures.

My problem-solving approach

During my professional journey, no problem has been too small for me to consider, nor too big for me to tackle. My curiosity combined with a rigorous scientific approach adapts to every problem’s size and type. I have an extensive experience in leadership roles, from project and product management to coaching and leading performance.

Leveraging my passions, knowledge and experience, I decided to consolidate them all.

The main problem organizations face.

Around me, I encounter many small business owners and employees They are passionate about what they do. They work tirelessly to address their customer’s problems.

Unfortunately, these organizations have become targets of cybercrime. While larger corporations have improved their security measures and individuals with limited financial resources are less appealing to cybercriminals, small businesses have emerged as attractive targets.

However, these businesses are too small to employ in-house IT professionals and cyber security experts. They heavily depend on IT service providers and have limited internal expertise and time. Hiring a consultant is financially unattainable for them, and even if they could, there are few available to help them.

I am designing a solution to empower business owners to take adequate actions to reduce their cyber risk and continue delivering value to their customers.

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