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Eponine Pauchard

Performance and Operational Excellence Specialist – Lean & Agile

Passionate about Operational Excellence, I have a sharp eye to bring opportunities to light. Creative, I find innovative solutions to transform inefficiencies to compelling value. In the last 15 years, I saved more than $25M for my clients and employers. From workflows to relationships, from processes to team culture, I always identify room for improvement.

I believe in people and love making everyone’s work life easier. Champion of numerous methodologies and tools, I hold outstanding tactical knowledge of strategic planning (Hoshin), continuous improvement (Kaizen), breakthrough improvement (Kaikaku) and variability reduction (Six Sigma).

Practically, I understand the big picture, adapt to the context, and translate opportunities into action plans. With my unrivalled ability to turn complex concepts in simple stories, I ensure everyone understands why, how and what we are doing. This is my way to nurture teams towards the achievement of operational excellence.

Eponine Pauchard’s Profile

In the last fifteen years, I worked in various environments:

  • From local government to Fortune 500 corporations
  • From helicopters and trucks to vaccines and insurance
  • From waterfall to Agile

My flexibility and adaptability, allow me to support any team towards the achievement of operational excellence.

With my Lean Bronze certification, I am able to intervene at different stages and levels of the process:

  • From the 5S action to full value chain mapping
  • From a Gemba workshop to strategic planning
  • From training operational teams to coaching managers
  • From process changes to organizational strategy

My “Green Belt Six Sigma” certification helps me reach a quality level of 99,9997%, in demanding contexts. Six Sigma also helps model and analyse dashboards using advanced statistics.

Finally, with my Professional Scrum Master certification, I have an additional methodology to manage projects and support team in reaching their goals.

You will find concrete examples in the “achievements” section.

To learn more about my experiences, check out my Linked In profile.

My vision of Lean

In the last few years that I have been working in the field of operational excellence, I have been able to precisely define the different approaches to lean. You will find details in the “know-how” section.

Objective of this site

This site, personal, aims to familiarise with the concepts of continuous improvement and to provide information on the latest developments in the field of lean. You will find below a personal presentation on the origin and main concepts of lean.

To send me your comments and suggestions: info@eponine-pauchard.com

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