Some ways to identify waste

Identify waste

5 minutes Vous voulez identifier les gaspillages ? Vous êtes convaincus que votre organisation peut mieux faire ? Vos façons de faire sont les mêmes depuis des années et mériteraient une mise à jour ?Vous savez que certaines étapes sont à revoir dans vos processus ? Vous vous questionnez sur la logique ou…

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Find ways to improve

3% people

3 minutes To progress, you must find, without stopping, new ways to improve. your creativity may be dry … In my last article, I discussed the management of the 3% problematic employees. However, your organization may not have malicious employees, but only 3% of employees who are recalcitrant to your practices. Assuming…

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The amazing power of co-ops

4 minutes The first International Co-operative Summit was held from October 8 to 11, 2012 in Quebec City. Bringing together 2800 participants from 91 countries on the theme “The Amazing power of cooperatives”, it has been the occasion for conferences, forums and roundtables on the economic stakes of cooperatives. With more than…

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Enjoy the power of SMED

5 minutes The SMED, Single Minute Exchange of Die, is a tool that has proven itself in the industry. It is quite simple to implement. SMED generates gains of 30 to 70% over the time required for a tool or series change. In this article, I will remind the basics of this…

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